Best Treadmill Elevation Calculator for Runners

Treadmill Elevation Calculator
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How to use Treadmill Elevation Calculator

Using our Treadmill Elevation Calculator is very simple. You need to provide two inputs from your end – Treadmill Incline and Distance Traveled during your workout.

a man running on an inclined treadmill

  • Step 1: Select the unit of incline angle. You have two options: you can either input the incline angle value in – Grad % or Degrees. Check your treadmill’s output screen closely to identify the unit of the incline angle. If you need clarification, you can ask your floor manager or trainer about it.
  • Step 2: Enter the Treadmill Incline value
  • Step 3: Enter Distance Traveled value. And yes, don’t forget to select the correct unit for measurement. This can be checked on your treadmill’s output screen.
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Calculate’ button

And that’s it, the tool will provide you value of Elevation Gained in four different units of distance.

What does Running at Elevation Calculator do?

Our website,, features several tools to help you in your daily life. The Treadmill Elevation Calculator is one of the free tools that can help you find the elevation gain on the treadmill.

Elevation Gain is a primary component when it comes to tracking workout data on an incline treadmill. And our tool can be used to track the horizontal aspect of the treadmill workout. So, you know how high you have climbed during your treadmill workout.

What is treadmill elevation gain?

Walking or running on a treadmill simulates the experience of running on the ground, road, or any flat surface track. But, when the treadmill platform is provided with an incline angle, it simulates the experience of running uphill.

While running uphill, you burn more calories and significantly cover distance vertically and horizontally. This horizontal aspect you experience while running on a treadmill is called Elevation Gained on the Treadmill.

It’s a great way to determine the elevation you would have gained on a hill while covering a particular distance.

How to enhance workouts with Treadmill Elevation Calculator

With our Treadmill Elevation Calculator, anyone can plan their workouts more effectively. For instance, if you’re preparing for the uphill running session, you can simulate those conditions on the treadmill and track your progress.

If your fitness goals include building endurance and strength or preparing for an event with varying elevations, the calculator becomes an essential part of your training toolkit. You can set elevation targets and use the calculator to ensure you meet your daily or weekly goals.

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