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How to use this Tool – Elevation by Address

Step 1: Type the address or name of the location you’re interested in. You can also search for locations directly within the tool.

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Step 2: Search and Select: Once you’ve entered your desired location, select it from the drop-down menu. Our tool will then present you with the elevation data.

What is Elevation??

Elevation can be defined as the vertical distance between a point for object above a fixed reference point, generally sea level.

In other words, you can say that elevation is the measurement of how high a point is from the sea level on the surface of the earth and not in the air.

When the distance is measured from a point in the air from the sea level such as height of a flying airplane from the sea level, it is known as altitude.

Well, the elevation of a point can also be below the sea level or the fixed reference point. This type of elevation is known as depth.

How is Elevation Calculated?

Traditionally, the elevation was calculated using a device known as an Altimeter. This device calculates the elevation using barometric pressure readings, where lower pressure indicates higher elevation.

In modern world, the elevation is calculated using advanced techniques such as satellite-based systems like GPS. These systems are more accurate, fast and reliable as these tools determine elevation by triangulating signals from satellites to determine the location and altitude.

Well, most of the smartphones today do have a barometer sensor to help you determine your elevations or let you count the number of steps you climbed.

Elevation vs Altitude

Both elevation and altitude refer to the height of something, but they have specific contexts in which they are used.

Elevation refers specifically to the height of a point on Earth’s surface above a fixed reference point, most commonly mean sea level.

Altitude, on the other hand, refers to the vertical distance of an object above a specific reference level, which can be:

  • Mean sea level, similar to elevation, but it can also be:
  • Ground level (when referring to the height of something above the ground, like a bird in flight)
  • Another specified level (e.g., the cruising altitude of an airplane)
Reference pointTypically, mean sea levelCan be mean sea level, ground level, or another specified level
ContextPoints on Earth’s surfaceObjects above a reference level
ExamplesHeight of a mountain, depth of a valleyHeight of a bird in flight, altitude of an airplane

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