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If you are looking to calculate the total elevation gained while you walk or run up a set of stairs, then you have landed on the right page.

We have designed this tool or calculator to determine the total vertical distance you’ve climbed by just entering the height of each step, the number of laps (a lap consists of going up and then down the stairs), and the steps per lap.

So, whether you’re preparing for a mountain hike or looking for a new fitness challenge, our calculator will help you measure your progress and set precise goals.


How to Use the Stair Climbing Calculator

Follow these simple steps to determine your elevation gain:

  1. Measure the Step Height: Use a tape measure to determine the height of a single step. This is the vertical distance from the top of one step to the top of the next one.
  2. Count the Steps Per Lap: A ‘lap’ refers to ascending and then descending a flight of stairs. Count the total number of steps in one lap.
  3. Enter Your Measurements:
    • In the first, STEP HEIGHT field, enter the height you measured for a single step and choose the appropriate unit next to it (inches, centimeters, or feet).
    • In the second, NO. OF LAPS field, input how many times you plan to go up and down the stairs.
    • In the last option, STEPS PER LAP field, enter the number of steps you counted for one complete lap.
  4. Calculate Elevation Gained:
    • Click the “Calculate Elevation” button to see your total elevation gain.
    • The result will be displayed in your chosen unit of measurement (feet, meters, miles, or kilometers) under ELEVATION GAINED.

If you are running or walking on a treadmill with an elevation, you would like to use our Treadmill Elevation gained Calculator.

Definitions and Terms

  • Step Height: The vertical height of an individual stair.
  • NO. Of Laps: The total number of times you go up and then down the stairs.
  • Steps Per Lap: The count of individual stairs in one ascent or descent.
  • Elevation Gained: The total vertical distance you would again or walk, as if the stairs were a hill or mountain.

What is Step Elevation gain?

Step elevation gain refers to the vertical distance you ascend when climbing steps, such as a staircase or a set of outdoor steps. Just as treadmill elevation gain simulates the experience of running uphill by inclining the treadmill platform, step elevation gain measures the actual vertical height you climb when taking each step.

When you climb steps, you’re moving both :

  • Horizontally (forward across the step) and
  • Vertically (upward to the next step)

The vertical component of this movement is the step elevation gain. It’s the cumulative height you would have climbed over the course of walking or running up the steps.

This can be a useful measure for tracking the intensity of a workout, as ascending steps requires more effort and energy than walking on a flat surface. It can also be a way to quantify the challenge of a route that includes stairs, in terms of its impact on your fitness and endurance.

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